the New Queer PARTY

in Nijmegen

Welcome to pRUDE:

The new most fabulous party in Nijmegen! Are you ready to let your inner diva shine? Come to pRUDE, where glitter, glamour, and good vibes come together! Get ready for an evening full of sparkling performances, enchanting music, and an atmosphere that will make you shine like never before. No matter if you're pRUDE or an experienced partygoer. check out at which stage of the night you will join.

Immerse yourself in a world of glitter and glamour, where you can express yourself and party like a true diva. Come and enjoy an unforgettable evening.


NEXT EVENT: 24TH of may

The first edition of this party is not only the first occurrence of this event but also the final celebration of the pink week in Nijmegen, which is a week-long series of events dedicated to supporting and promoting the LGBTQ+ community. Most of the events are free, and so is ours. You don't need to have a ticket because the entrance is Free!!!

are you Prude?

Is this your first queer party? Or you don't have many friends with which you can go? dont be shy and be early!, from 20:00 we will help you find your ultimate dancebudy

Where Is IT?

Pick your level of (p)rudishness

pRUDE Has a unique concept, first we will start (P)rudish and we will provide a vibe in which you can get to know other people, the party will evolve as the night progresses. You can enter at whichever stage fits you most!!!


STage 1: A (p)rude start

The bar opens, and you have time to get to know other partygoers, we will provide make up and games. This is especially nice when you don't know too many people. Or like to have a chill vibe!!


STAGE 2: Lights on!!! Its showtime

The DJ is playing, fog enters the dancefloor and a drag queens puts on her heels. Now its time to shake of your prudishness... be RUDE, claim the stage, and shake those hips on the best popmusic!!


STAGE 3: Move that body!!!

The music will become more danceable and evolve into more pop/house music.


STAGE 4: Time to go home!

All good things must come to an end. around 04:00 the light come on and you may walk (or crawl) home.

Looking for Milq?

MilQ is another gay party that was organised by Dito before. MilQ has become independent and has no association with Dito anymore. But they still organise parties!

Check out their Instagram for the latest info about their events! @milqevents

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