Activity Committee

Welcome to the activity committee

The Dito activity committee (which is also called the AC) consists of a group of enthusiastic people who organize fun activities every month for LGBT+ youth in Nijmegen.

Keep an eye on the newsletter and Dito’s Facebook page for up-to-date information on activities and how to join. If you’d prefer not to go to a borrel or activity on your own, feel free to send an e-mail to the AC. They’ll make sure that you can go with one of the committee members.


Dito’s borrel, a fun place to meet and have a drink together, takes place every first Tuesday of the month from 20:30 on in Marcus Antonius (Sint Anthoniusplaats 15 in Nijmegen). There’s usually a theme connected to the borrel.


In addition, every third Wednesday of the month from 19:30, the AC organizes a game night in the Pink House (Sint Anthoniusplaats15 in Nijmegen). Dito itself has a large stock of board and card games, but feel free to bring your own fun games to supplement this.

Grote activiteiten

Once a month we organize a bigger activity, which can be anything from LaserQuest to barbequing to watching a movie. Once a year we organize the Pink Trip, where we visit a gay party somewhere in the Netherlands or Belgium, like the Spunk Party in Gent, the Frisofeest in Eindhoven or Pann in Utrecht. Every Pink Trip so far has been a major success!

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