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Since 1984-85 Pinkeltje has been active in providing

support services for queer youths (12-26 years) who are struggling with their sexuality. For this purpose, the Introduction Groups were created. 8 youths and two mentors talk about subjects like love, coming out, safe sex, and going a night out. Currently the Introduction Groups are still one of the Dito’s main activities.


In the years after the founding many initiatives and activities were started.

Pinkeltje was focussing on social and amusement goals. Pinkeltje taught special classes at High Schools, had it’s own newsletter, theme nights, cafés, and drinks.

There was even a hotline, the Hojofoon (the Gay Youth Phone). In the Villa Lila Pinkeltje took walk ins.

Modern Era

In 2005 the name was changed to Dito! because Pinkeltje did not have a modern ring to it.

Since Dito! a few new events have been founded. The Pink Week on Campus: Awareness and visibility with fun games, lectures and discussions. Also Pink Lunches in the student church have been introduced. In 2012 Dito! moved from Villa Lila to the Pink House on the Antoniusplaats. Since 2020 it is spelled Dito, without the exclamationmark.

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